From Ravindra Gaikwad to Diwakar Reddy: Why a no-fly list should have been ready by now

From Ravindra Gaikwad to Diwakar Reddy: Why a no-fly list should have been ready by now

New Delhi: Shiv Sena MP, Ravindra Gaikwad, beat a member of the Air India team with their sneakers in April this year. This prompted all local companies to avoid theft quickly in a month where they would often travel to Delhi to attend Parliament.

He was allowed to return on board only after a weak excuse by the Minister of Civil Aviation and after the president of Lok Sabha seemed to suggest that a simple apology would correct this strange situation.

Similarly, the AAMM that if Maltrait similarly aboard, was allowed to return after a simple excuse? Nah. This privilege, like many others, has hitherto been reserved for the representatives of the people. Yesterday, another member would be poorly cared for by the crew of a private jet and was directed by all the airlines that fly at the end of the day.

An NDTV report said JC Diwakar Reddy, the legislator of the Telugu Desam Party, who created a riot at Visakhapatnam airport after being denied a boarding pass to be late for Indigo, has refused to apologize for his behavior.

Perhaps even in demanding an apology for the atrocious behavior, demand our parliamentarians as well. Remember, Diwakar Reddy is from the same political party as the Civil Aviation Minister Gajapathi Raju, and the Minister has refused to ask IndiGo allows Reddy to board yesterday’s flight after the incident. It seems that despite the violence that has been unleashed at the airport, Indigo has allowed it to fly and the ban that airlines and others subsequently imposed.

Gaikwad’s actions have pressured the government to develop a draft regulation to create a national no-fly list for some time. What could produce this list of shame? Verbal or physical violence, improper handling on board, and, of course, damage to the aircraft or other acts of violence.

Is it a simple excuse to direct the evaluation? Well, this must be decided by a “Standing Committee” that each airline must make in deciding individual cases of inappropriate behavior within 10 days of the incident.

The three-member committee will function as a quasi-judicial body and the sentence may be imposed for misconduct in the sky ranges from three months to two years, but could also be extended. You can always prohibit domestic flight, according to the decision of the airline’s permanent committees and formed by the DGAC.

The draft standards were submitted to public consultation in May this year, ministry officials said it would become the norm in about two months. Another day, another situation similar to that of Gaikwad and the long awaited air exclusion list is in sight.
Another NDTV report says the air exclusion list will be ready this week. On the other hand, a person familiar with the developments in Air India had previously said that the FIR filed against Gaikwad for his violent behavior aboard Air India is “quite the name”, since the police need the permission of the speaker Lok Sabha To conduct investigations against a Lok Sabha MP.

It is not known if a movement was carried out in the front of the FIR or the President has given permission.

So for all practical purposes, the mess about Gaikwad died of his own death, the member of the flight rights recovered and India assisted the most qualified souls abusing airline personnel to s’ fulfill their duty.

These are the most outstanding features of the list proposed by non-flight, which is still ongoing:

1) The Department offers three levels of insubordinate passengers —- Level I, passengers will be penalized who have disruptive behaviors such as physical gestures and other similar activities. At Level II, passengers engage in physical abuse, sexual harassment, etc. Can be booked.

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