GJM office raided: Protesters clash with police, set outpost on fire

GJM office raided: Protesters clash with police, set outpost on fire

In an early morning raid on the GJM party office Patlaybas, near the house of the party boss Bimal Gurung, police recovered sophisticated crossbows, a huge cache arrows, many of the crackers, a gun made Khukris country, axes and money.
After the incursion, the GJM Central Committee announced an indefinite strike in the hills.
Darjeeling SP Akhilesh Chaturvedi said: “We have had information that GJM workers gathered in the region. We searched three sites and recovered firearms, materials that resemble bomb-making ingredients, contraband and We are investigating the incident and will take legal action. ”

Starts in Darjeeling restart
A senior police officer said: “We have recovered bows, arrows and other weapons after our sophisticated incursion into the GJM party office.” IPS’s chief agent, Javed Shamim, was present during the raid.

In response to the raids, GJM Deputy Secretary-General Binay Tamang said: “After the atrocities of the police in our democratic movement, we decided to call for an indefinite strike in the hills.”

An intense shootout was observed near Darjeeling. (Source: ANI)
Fire incidents and sporadic clashes erupted shortly after the raid. A postal police before Kalimpong was burned by protesters. Heavy stone shots were seen near Darjeeling, with some demonstrators wearing helmets. They raised slogans saying that it would become another Kashmir.

Gorkhaland: protest intensifies in Darjeeling

Since Thursday morning, strong deployment of armed police were seen Singmari and Patlaybas. Interestingly, GJM would be holding demonstrations today in different parts of Darjeeling. Police officers were deployed on different cross sections of Darjeeling routes to avoid any unwanted incidents.

GJM women said their Morcha would perform demonstrations in Darjeeling. However, police searched the party’s office and prevented any meeting of their followers. “These are just bows and arrows and cookies that are not illegal on the property. The police are trying to frame,” Tamang said. Since the incursion, GJM leader Bimal Gurung has gone into hiding.

Supporters of GJM protests in Darjeeling. (Source: Photo Express)
On Tuesday, police had resorted to lathis in GJM supporters of the Chowk Bazaar area after stones were taken to the police. The GJM agitation in Darjeeling that began in protest against the imposition of the Bengali population on the hill took a turn with the party now demanding a separate Gorkhaland.

The attacks came a day after Gurung announced that the unrest during a separate Gorkhaland continue and urged tourists to avoid the visit to Darjeeling. In a statement to the media Wednesday Gurung said: “This is not just a question of tourists should be tried to avoid Darjeeling Our agitation will continue Let the men of the CRPF and the army will be deployed ….”
Repeated requests for a separate Gorkhaland made putting the traditional national parties in a difficult situation with their units in the Great Darjeeling that they separate with their own leadership in West Bengal and support hill campaigns.

When initiating the movement, the GJM actively activates a separate Gorkhaland. This measure made the BJP MP Darwin S S Ahluwalia to ask the Ministry of Union to appoint a committee of experts to examine the application.

Meanwhile, the head minister of the state, Mamata Banerjee, also met with Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi in Raj Bhavan on Wednesday that the government appointed C Murugan as the new Secretary of Territorial Administration of Gorkhaland (GTA) in the context of persistent malaise in The hills of Darjeeling.

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