JD(U) calls meet, pressure builds on Tejashwi Prasad Yadav to quit as Deputy CM

JD(U) calls meet, pressure builds on Tejashwi Prasad Yadav to quit as Deputy CM

DECISION The Bihar Grand Alliance is heading for a turbulent week, with the JD (T) calling for a meeting of its lawmakers on Tuesday and party sources stating that they would ask the leader of the son RJD Lalu Prasad Yadav Prasad Tejashwi resign as director Minister after the ICC registered a FIR against them on corruption charges.

The JD (T) sources to The Indian Express was to be an “ideal situation Tejashwi himself offers to resign” at a meeting of lawmakers RJD scheduled Monday.

The measure follows the registration of a FIR by CBI on corruption charges against Prasad, Rabri Devi and his wife allegedly agreed Tejashwi land in Patna, in exchange for the award of a tender for the maintenance of two train hotels two businessmen Bihar When the chief RJD was minister of railroads in 2006.

The leader of JD (T) Prime Minister Nitish Kumar is yet to comment publicly on the CBI’s action, which was described by Prasad as part of the BJP’s “political revenge” against his family.

On Thursday, a day before the IWC had carried out raids on properties linked to Prasad as part of its investigation, Nitish left Rajgir in Nalanda for health reasons.

On Sunday he was back in Patna, but officials said the prime minister had canceled his weekly public interaction program scheduled for Monday.
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RJD leaders, however, remained defiant and said there was no need for Tejashwi to resign.

The party leader and former union minister, Raghunath Jha, said: “The BJP Union Minister, Uma Bharati, resigned after a case was registered against her?” MP Singh Yadav Hilsa Shakti said, RJD ekta Mein Hai chattani (Our unit is rock solid). ”

Party sources, however, said there were suggestions that Prime Minister Abdul Bari Siddiqui became party leader of the legislature and deputy RJD CM. However, they said there was little chance that the RJD boss, Lalu Prasad, accepts “everyone apart from his family for these key posts.”

Prasad’s eldest son and Health Minister, Tej Pratap Yadav, are competing for the post of Deputy Minister if Tejashwi agrees to resign, according to sources. “But this seems a bit exaggerated at this time. In the best of Tejashwi’s ministries Tej Pratap and another Minister RJD can be contacted,” RJD said.

JD (T) sources said that Nitish had been in contact with the Rajya Sabha MP of the party C R P Singh during his stay in Rajgir. “From what we have obtained so far, Nitish would expect Tejashwi to resign before he is asked to do so.

If Tejashwi resigns, he can earn the respect of the prime minister and may have a moral basis on corruption. This also endangers the BJP attack in the direction of JD (U) and allows a respite for the Great Alliance, “said a JD (T) leader.

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