No Apology From TDP Lawmaker Banned By 6 Airlines After Row At Airport

No Apology From TDP Lawmaker Banned By 6 Airlines After Row At Airport

JC Diwakar Reddy, Telugu Desam Party lawmakers who created a riot at the airport in Visakhapatnam Thursday after he was denied a boarding pass to be late for Indigo, has refused to apologize for his behavior.

All national airlines today have imposed a ban on flying because of abusive parliamentary behavior.

“I will ask the entire incident at the Vizag airport to learn to see the exact details and ensure that the results remain legal,” said Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju.

The official circle (IC) airport Vizag police station, however, said they had no complaint of indigo. “The main poll was done, but no one came,” said Prabhar, circle official told ANI news agency.

M. Reddy is the second legislator to be based in three months; Ravindra Gaikwad Shiv Sena, who allegedly assaulted an Air India officer, was the first.

The Gaikwad incident has prompted the government to propose an unattended list to prevent abusive passengers. But M. Reddy said there was no reason for me to say sorry.

“I have never abused … never spanked anyone … There is no need at all for me (sorry to say). There is no feel,” said Mr. Reddy, 73, to NDTV, denying that he had lost his Cold or assaulted at the airport. Instead, he accused private airlines of passenger booms.

Diwakar Reddy ReddyDiwakar is a member of the Lok Saha constituency Anantapur Andhra Pradesh.
IndiGo initially declined to comment until it probed the incident.

In a later statement, the airline said that M. Reddy was supposed to board a flight to Visakhapatnam Hyderabad at 8:10, but it was only 28 minutes before the scheduled time of departure.

By the rules of the aviation regulator, check-in counters for all domestic flights must close 45 minutes before departure.

In the closed-circuit television images, M. Reddy – who is the same party as the Civil Aviation Minister, Gajapathy Raju – is considered to be arguing with airline officials, taking a printer and slamming onto the recording table, running Behind a high-level airline and push.

A lawmaker six times during the meeting before winning the Lak Sabha election in 2014 in Anantapur, however, “expressed discomfort and quickly violated staff using aggressive and abusive behavior.”

The airline said the images broadcast on television channels also show “visual aggressive behavior against the staff M. Reddy and even damage airport property.”

In an interview with NDTV, M. Reddy refuses to manipulate anyone. Instead, lawmakers suggested that he had to keep his arm on an officer’s shoulder.

“There is no crack, no push, no deception or anything. When I called (official) to remove it.

I followed this (pointing with my arm) at the shoulder. If you think it pushes and attacks, I can not do anything, “said M. Reddy.

However, the airline said that it was late?

“They may say something, but my version too, you have to listen. I was there before 7:35 or 7:40, I do not know,” he said. The airline is supposed to have closed the 7h5h counter to steal at 08:10.

M. Reddy said some passengers waiting at the counter told him that the plane had closed the counter before 07:10. “I asked them, closing and opening are in their hands, so opening it, the robbery is there,” he said.

But it seems that it was not without flying. The Civil Aviation Minister was also in another part of the Visakhapatnam airport when the incident occurred in his favor. “I approached the same flight thereafter,” Reddy told NDTV.

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