Noida Expressway accident: Lamborghini, two more cars involved in deadly crash leave one dead

Noida Expressway accident: Lamborghini, two more cars involved in deadly crash leave one dead

A man died Saturday afternoon because a car was crushed by a Lamborghini deviated to avoid a Swift Dzire speed in today’s India. The accident occurred in sector 135 Noida on the road.
According to The Times of India, the victim, Arshad Ahmed, was a resident of Mandawali in Delhi. Ahmed was taken to the hospital in Jaypee Sector 128, where he was pronounced dead.

NDTV reported that the victim was driving a Maruti Eeco. The Swift Dzire looked beyond the Lamborghini when it turned to the left to avoid a collision. The report said it was unclear whether the driver of the Dzire had momentarily lost control.

However, Mohnish Khan, who drove at Dzire speeding, said the Lamborghini was trying to overtake its vehicle and, therefore, has surpassed after that, according to The Times of India. Then Khan was arrested, as reported times.

Swift Dzire scraped the Lamborghini, who then tried to avoid an accident by getting out of its lane on the left, according to NDTV.

The Lamborghini then clicked on the Eeco, which fell several times before crashing, as said times. The report mentions that sources within the Noida Police said the Swift Dzire was trying to run with the Lamborghini.

The Lamborghini has now found out why the driver fled the place immediately after the accident, according to sometimes.

Vedpal Pundir, station officer, highway police station told The Times of India: “We are trying to verify if the Lamborghini also erred. Your driver has not been identified so far and we will see if the person is Guilty “.

In February, an accident occurred when, according to the Hindustan Times newspaper, a student at Sharda University has died in an accident in the Noida-Greater Noida Road area. A Ford EcoSport and Swift Dzire were involved in the accident.

Anuj Kumar, police station officer at Surajpur police station, Hindustan Times said: “At first glance, it seems that EcoSport speeds, and the driver has applied the handbrakes suddenly, so the car lost control and Fell several times.

Swift Dzire, who was behind the van, also lost control and found the divider. ”

Police said the 20-year-old victim, Ahluwalia Paras, chasing BTech from Sharda University. Ahluwalia died on the spot, while other car students survived with injuries.

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