SCO Summit 2017: India calls for enhanced connectivity, unimpeded trade among member states

SCO Summit 2017: India calls for enhanced connectivity, unimpeded trade among member states

Beijing: India today called for increased connectivity and unrestricted trade between SCO member states in respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as deepening cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Speaking at the ceremony of the Indian and Pakistani flag emergence at the headquarters of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), the Indian ambassador to China Vijay Gokhale said concerns of Indian sovereignty without referring directly To 50 billion between China and Pakistan economic corridor (CPEC) occupied Kashmir.

“We support the best connectivity and seamless trade in the SCO region and we believe that the initiatives must be carried out in an inclusive and sustainable manner, with respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all members,” he said.

He said that India also deepen practical cooperation in the fight against terrorism and extremism.

The Indian envoy also offered to share his experience in many fields, including space and information technologies.

“We are willing to share our experience with other members of the SCO in areas such as computing, space, renewable energy, agriculture, banking and human resource development,” he said.

“With the accession of India, the SCO now accounts for 20 percent of world GDP, 22 percent of the land area, 42 percent of the world’s population.

The stability and progress of the SCO will be beneficial to the region and the world. India is ready to help strengthen the size and influence of the SCO, “he said.

“Together with other members, we are ready to reap new opportunities to fully develop our mutually beneficial cooperation,” he said.

All India’s support to China for a successful and productive SCO presidency was offered. China took over the organization’s rotating presidency in Kazakhstan.

The flags of India and Pakistan were formally raised at the headquarters of the SCO Thursday.

Later, Gokhale with Pakistan’s ambassador to China, Masood Khalid, Chinese Vice Chancellor Xuanyou Kong and OCS Secretary-General Rashid Alimov beat a big drum representing the spirit of Shanghai.

Tering entering Pakistan and India into the SCO as a historic day, Khalid said he begins a new trip to Pakistan.

“This is a moment of achievement, achievement and success. This will remind us in the future, as it is today that we are committed to working for a shared vision of common development,” he said.

Pakistan will work to defend the spirit of Shanghai and the SCO Charter to promote peace and stability in the region, to better exploit the potential of SCO regional security, connectivity and economic integration and the development of contacts between People and people and cultural interactions.

“Let’s all promise that the day we leave no stone in the achievement of greater good of our people through cooperation and understanding as the OCS family,” he said.

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