In Shift To Daily Petrol, Diesel Rate Changes, What’s In It For Consumers

In Shift To Daily Petrol, Diesel Rate Changes, What’s In It For Consumers

Oil marketing companies began to daily check the price of gasoline and diesel. By expanding a pilot project in five cities to the rest of the country, oil and diesel retailers will now review prices after 6 hours a day.

Indian Oil Corp., the largest fuel retailer in the country, said under the new system of daily price revisions, even small changes in international oil prices will be passed on to consumers.

He said the daily price revision is an initiative to ensure the best possible price for customers and greater transparency in the pricing mechanism.

“Fuel prices to be reviewed every day from 6:00 every day from June 16 by Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

A proven success all distributors and customers related protocol systems to ensure the successful implementation of the dynamic pricing structure starting tomorrow, “said Indian oil in a press release of June 15

Indian Oil has announced steps for a seamless transition to daily price revisions, from the review system every two weeks straight ahead.

Prior to June 16, MAC status – Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum – have revised prices on days 1 and 16 months as global crude oil and foreign exchange rates.


Website: Consumers can see the price of gasoline and diesel every day by visiting the Indian Oil website. Once on the site, you can use the “RO Locator” feature to find the nearest Indian Oil retail point to them depending on your location.

Indian Oil said prices vary slightly from outlets to points of sale.

The site shows the prices of the different products that are marketed.

SMS: You can check the prices through the SMS service provided by Indian Oil. To do this, you have to send an SMS in the prescribed format to retrieve the current rates applicable at a dealership.

“The dealer code for each gas pump would be a prominent place in the gas pump facility,” the IOC said.

Mobile: Indian Oil Mobile, called “Fuel @ COI – IndianOil,” allows customers to check current prices. This mobile application by Indian Oil is available on Google Play and Apple Store for Android smartphone users and iPhone, respectively.

Help Line

Indian Oil has established a direct line to 1800-2333-555 customers to file complaints related to the daily price review.

“In case of discrepancies, customers can easily access Indian Oil for all gas pumps displaying outstanding numbers of field workers’ phones in question,” said Indian Oil.

Customers also log on to the site to file a complaint. This can be done through the “We are listening”, a link that appears on the main page.

For Retailers

Control Rooms: Indian Oil has launched the 24×7 control room to answer questions from distributors. Indian Oil, which announced 87 such control rooms, will address issues of technical problems / systems that could arise at the end of the dealership on June 16

These rooms are equipped with control by the leaders of the technical teams of the Indian industry and information systems, he said.

Communication platforms: Indian Oil said it has successfully tested a new facility, in which the price will be communicated to distributors. This will be done in four modes: personalized SMS, emails, mobile applications and the web portal)

“Since June 12 Indian Oil is testing all over India to communicate the price of gasoline and diesel by SMS, email and customer portal (Xsparsh where the dealer can log in to view current prices and The previous days) to 26,000 additional distributors “they told me.

“The tests have also helped ensure the accuracy of the data representation, ie the mobile phone numbers and email ID. This helped provide 100% accuracy to communicate every change in the price of each dealer. “

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