Trump returns to White House to confront Obamacare fight, Russia fallout

Trump returns to White House to confront Obamacare fight, Russia fallout

(CNN) President Donald Trump is back from a trip that underscored his isolation abroad to deal with the political storm in Washington over Russia and Obamacare that only became more intense in his absence.

The president will have to keep a Republican push to repeal Obamacare appears to have considerable problems and faces the growing impact of his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Poutine, who offered new opportunities to his critics.

But even as it intensifies and the turbulence around the White House, Trump will be home for a few days.

The President returns to Europe at the end of the week to be a guest of honor at the Parade celebration in France on Friday during a trip that will spread the divisions between the White House and the western powers shown at the top Of G-20.

Trump was isolated in trade policy and was rebuked for his decision to withdraw the United States since the Paris agreement on combating climate change, although both positions are exactly consistent with the promises made. US voters who led to their victory in The presidential election of 2016.
Still, the visit will highlight Trump’s growing ease on the world stage after a visit last week in which he argued that the West’s trajectory should be closer to its nationalist and populist policy than the more liberal thoughts in the Immigration and government reach are favored by US allies across the Atlantic.

At the time in Trump’s most important travels to Germany and Poland, which ended when Air Force One touched Andrews Joint Base Saturday night was his long-awaited meeting with Putin.

The meeting brought added meaning to the special survey on lawyers as to whether the Trump campaign helpers collusion with Moscow on election interference.

Arrived shortly before The New York Times reports that Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., son Jared Kushner and campaign president, Paul Manafort, met a Russian lawyer last year – the first known meeting several older members Of Trump’s team and a Russian national during the campaign.

The Times, which first reported on the previously undisclosed meeting, said Donald Trump Jr. promised to announce information about Hillary Clinton before agreeing to meet with the Kremlin lawyer during the 2016 campaign.

The meeting was held at Trump Tower June 9, 2016, the Times reported – two weeks after Trump has secured the Republican presidential nomination.

Trump Jr. said in a statement to CNN that he was not given the name of the person he met earlier and informed his brother and Manafort “nothing substantial” when he invited them to attend. He added that his father “knew nothing about the meeting or these events.”

The explosive story promises to raise the controversy over allegations of collusion and the meeting with President Putin, hanging from the White House’s political efforts.

The administration said the president made a “robust” effort to raise the issue of the interference of Russian elections in his talks with the Russian president. But a dispute over what was said exactly erupted after talks at the G-20 summit in Germany.

Moscow, said Trump accepted his argument that he had not intervened in the elections, a version of the facts that the White House denies.

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