“I woke up to a crunching sound”: Bear bites sleeping Colo. teen in the head

“I woke up to a crunching sound”: Bear bites sleeping Colo. teen in the head

WARD, Colorado. – A young man in a Colorado field fought a bear after waking up Sunday to find the biting animal head and trying to get it out.

The 19-year-old boy awoke at 4 o’clock to a “noise crisis” with his head in the bear’s mouth, trying to get him out of his sleeping bag while sleeping in outside Glacier View Ranch 48 miles Northwest Denver spokeswoman, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, said Jennifer Churchill.

The teenager hit and hit and other staff members who were sleeping inside screamed and hit the bear, which eventually went away, she said.

The employee, identified only as Dylan, was briefly treated in a hospital and released.

“I never thought I would be attacked by a bear,” said Dylan CBS Denver. “I woke up with a clear sound and a lot of pain … The bear took my head and dragged me down.”
When the bear’s teeth ripped through the flesh, Dylan told CBS Denver that he had fought with all the strength he had.

“I just hit the bear as hard as possible,” Dylan said. “And I met his eyes and I began to prick my fingers … and I crawled for about 10 feet before I could get out of myself.”

Dylan teaches a survival camp in nature that belongs to the Seventh-day Conference of the Rocky Mountain Conference.

Dylan and the rest of the staff were close to tipis where campers aged 12 to 13 slept. None of them were injured.

Black bears are not usually aggressive, but they have attacked several people in the West in recent weeks.

A woman and her dog were attacked on Tuesday after they apparently caught an adult bear and his dog on a piece of cranberry in the national forests of the Idaho Panhandle.

Last month, black bears killed two people in Alaska in separate attacks.

Patrick “Jack”, 16, of Anchorage died after his loss and walked away from a runway during a mountain race south of Anchorage. The mine’s work, Erin Johnson, Anchorage, was killed and her companion injured in an attack about 275 miles north of Anchorage.

Black bears defend their young and have been known to rethink and bite the stores with food inside. After the attack of the Colorado reserve agents found no food that would have attracted the bear so they have put bear bears in the area and plan to continue the search for the bear with dogs smell on Monday.

The behavior of the bear was so unusual that the bears found in the traps in the next few days are likely to be practiced euthanasia and officials will later test to see if it was the same bear involved in the attack using DNA tests, Churchill said.

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